Our Vision

Men In Action’s vision is for Aussie Men to recognise and be confident of their value and purpose as men, enabling them to become a positive influence in their homes, communities and churches. We believe that men can to grow from youth into maturity and good character by actively supporting each other in networks of real friendships.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop strong communities of men who support each other in being men with strength of character, strength of mind, strength of heart, and strength of purpose.

Our Values

We are passionate about seeing men become all that God created them to be. Everything we do honours God and respects the individual differences of the men we work with.

We are not afraid of doing new things, being on the bleeding edge is necessary for us to break new ground and change societies attitude about the value men.

We don’t reinvent the wheel, we look for complementary services and missions that can become referral pathways for our mission – we build relationships proactively.

We respect not only men, but women, promote healthy marriages, relationships and the protection of children in everything we do. We only align our mission with other groups who share these values.

We operate with integrity and transparency, which means we will be proactively transparent in our financial and other reporting, we will comply with the law and the spirit of the law.

Our Projects

Bring A Mate – BAM promotes preventative Men’s health by proactively encouraging men to reduce isolation and imbalance and assisting them to create simple pathways to achieve this.

Mens Ministry Leadership Support – MMLS strives to support men’s ministry leaders in becoming effective leaders of men. Helping churches develop a positive men’s ministry culture, rather than a men’s ministry program.

About Us

Men In Action was created by Tim & Kerrie Sheaves in Sydney Hills District in 2009 in response to a gap they found in the Australia culture.

There are many great inspirational books about ideal men’s ministry programs and research about and statistics on depression and suicide rates for Men but little practical support and advice on how to change these statistics or the culture of men’s groups/ministries in positive and realistic ways, to achieve true engagement with communities of men.

Thus the journey began where we created a practical test lab, banding together small groups of willing volunteers who tried lots of different activities and ideas to see what works and what doesn’t (including Men’s surveys, breakfasts, social media, interest groups, and events) when trying to get men to engage with services and with each other. We also talked to lots of community groups and institutions that focused on or served men about their challenges in this area.

This led to the establishment of our two key project areas – each designed to fill a gap and prevent isolation and purposelessness in men.

Bring A Mate & the Men’s Ministry Leader Support projects.

Each of these projects has evolved over time as the scope and outcomes of each have been challenged and refocused. The Men In Action organisation has a terrific board of directors and volunteer management team who are working to achieve our mission.

Our Current Board

Chairman – Tim Sheaves (2009 – )
Deputy Chair & Public Officer – Kerrie Sheaves (2009 – )
Director –  Glyn Henman (2009 – )
Director – David Ferris (2013 – )
Director – Ric Sindel (2013 – )
Director – David Jack (2016 – )

We gratefully recognise the service of our Past Board Members

Paul Sheaves (2009 – 2013)
Pamela Sheaves (2009 – 2012)
Mark Welham (2009 – 2012)
Gerri Koelma (2013 – 2015)
Bradley Hall (2012 – 2016)
Stephen Chan (2013 – 2016)

Governance and Transparency

  • As a registered not for profit organisation, legally incorporated in NSW, we take good governance and being transparent seriously. The public puts their trust in us, and we believe in honouring that trust.
  • Therefore since inception we have voluntarily opted to be audited and have sort advice from professionals in legal, risk, insurance and financial matters to ensure that everything we do is accurate and professional.
  • Our financial reports are publicly registered annually with the ACNC and ATO, we take care to ensure we comply with state and federal laws.
  • We also hold a current Authority To Fundraise permit for the Office of Gaming, Racing & Fundraising/Fair Trading.